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About Me

Dr. Vicki Sung-yeon Kwon is a fellow at Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies at Seoul National University. She received her PhD in History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture at the University of Alberta, where she teaches courses on Art as Social Practice, Arts of Korea, and Twentieth-century Art in East Asia. Kwon’s research explores contemporary art in Korea in relation to transnationalism and feminist activism. Her doctoral research examined socially engaged art in Korea and Japan, focusing on representation of migrant workers, victims of wartime atrocities, and ethnic minorities in post-disaster communities. As curator and researcher, Kwon has organized and participated in exhibitions held in Canada, Norway, South Korea, and Switzerland. Her research has been published in journals Korean Studies, Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, Asian Studies Review, and Imaginations. As of November 2022, she is joining the Royal Ontario Museum, in Toronto, Canada, as an Associate Curator of Korean Art and Culture.

View Full academic CV here.

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